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The 56-Year-Old Movie for the Black Lives Matter Era (Guest Column)

Geoffrey Fletcher, who, for his adaptation of 'Precious,' became the first Black screenwriter ever awarded an Oscar, recommends 'Nothing But a Man,' which he describes as a film "of and ahead of its time."

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The Crimson Kimono (Recommended by Geoffrey Fletcher)

Sensitive, raw, refined, and ahead of its time. Either you admire it or you haven’t seen it. That’s the way it should be, anyway. Like many great films, it’s what I call an A-list B-movie. Its modest budget helped inspire what money can’t buy: soulfulness and ingenuity...

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'Get Out' Script Merits High Marks (Guest Column)

ANY FILM IN WHICH a black man must flee his white girlfriend's family for dear life has no business being as layered, poignant, serious, and resonant as 'Get Out'. It has no business  transcending its supposed genre to become a cultural milestone...

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